Workers in the oil and gas, electric utility, refining, and petrochemical industries have worn LAPCO Premium Workwear products since 1989.

LAPCO Manufacturing, Inc.

Like any good story, this one starts with roots. To understand the culture and mind set at LAPCO Manufacturing, you must first understand where we come from.

The Tri-City Area and Morgan City, Louisiana

Commercial Fishing
Morgan City became known as the "jumbo" shrimp capitol of the world in 1937. While shrimp is the most prominent catch on the docks of Morgan City and Berwick, crawfish, crab, oysters, fish, and alligator are close contenders.

Birthplace and Headquarters of the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry
In 1947, Morgan City gained national recognition when Kerr-McGee produced the first offshore oil well out of sight of land. In 1954, the first submersible, transportable offshore drilling rig was constructed in Morgan City. Named the "Mr. Charlie", it is now used for training and is open to the public for tours. The oil & gas industry spurred the metal fabrication, ship building, and transportation industries needed to support its growth. Morgan City remains a hub of activity in the petroleum industry.

Timber Industry
The "Tri-City Area" consisting of Morgan City, Berwick, and Patterson, Louisiana, played a major role in the timber industry. Patterson once had the largest cypress sawmill in the United States.

Patterson was prominent during the "Golden Age of Aviation" as the home of Louisiana aviation pioneers, Jimmie Wedell and Harry P. Williams. Aviation and transportation remain very important industries in Southern Louisiana.

LAPCO Family
LAPCO employees have a rich history and family legacies tied to some of the most dangerous industries in the world. So, when we say that you are part of the LAPCO family you can believe that we mean it. We all have family and friends in careers that bring them into hazardous conditions on a day-to-day basis. We are proud of the work that we are doing and the products we produce. We know that the job we do keeps people all around the world safe from harm so that they can return to their families. Those are the reasons why quality and integrity are so important to us. Our families wear LAPCO & LAPCO FR brand workwear, and we wouldn't dress you in anything less, because you are a part of the family.